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Guitar Tuner Plus

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Guitar Tuner Plus is simple and easy to use guitar tuner app, for Android smartphones & tablets. Guitar tuner plus include Standard Tuning (E), and 32 Alternate Tunings, including lowered tunings, open tunings, dropped tunings,Regular tunings and, Instrumental tunings. High quality Audio.Useful tool specially when restringing your guitar, and need to find your tune again.Tunings included:Standard E, D♯/E♭ tuning, D tuning, C♯/D♭ tuning, C tuning. Open D, Open D minor, Open G, Open G minor,Open C, Open C minor, Open E, Open A. Drop D, Double Drop D, Drop C, Drop C#, Drop B, Drop A, Drop A#. Minor Third, Major Third, All Fourths, Augmented Fourths, Mandoguitar. Balalaika, Charango, Cittern One, Cittern Two, Dobro, Lefty, Overtone, Pentatonic.
Featuring 49 basic guitar chords, Simple Metronome.
Product Features:- Easy to use.- Simple and nice interface.- Repeat on/off function.- high quality audio.- 32 Alternate Tunings.- 49 basic Guitar Chords.- Simple Metronome